Eco-Luxe Knit

22 Factor is powered by a love for people and our planet. Upcycling virgin yarn from luxury fashion, the brand creates beautiful, quality pieces soft and cosy on the skin, ethical and kind to the planet. By launching waste-minimising 3D Knitting technology, we are enabling us and others brands and designers to produce fashion that's truly smart and sustainable.

We've been redefining luxury since day one. Our exclusive access to virgin (=never used!) yarn from the luxury fashion industry allows us to give you incredible, long-lasting quality that's good for your conscience and your wallet.

Choosing quality over quantity, timeless over trendy. We have no interest in producing catwalk knock-offs, nor adding to the landfills of fast fashion. Our mission is to create beautiful quality pieces that feel true love-cosy, cherished and very enduring.

Revolutionising Fashion,

Eco-Luxe Knit


Because we're the committed type, we want to be completely honest with you. We also want to honour the wonderful humans behind each of our knitted creations. That's why we aim for transparency to let conscious shoppers like you know what you are buying, be it the wool of an ethically-raised yak in Mongolia, or a hand-stitched craft created by an immigrant mother who's finally able to make a life for herself.

As a slow fashion brand, we live by the belief in consuming less but living more. Our upcycled garments have all been given a second chance at life, and we hope that each one is a beautiful reminder to live more fully and consciously.

Eco-Luxe Knit


Just as it takes many interlocking fibres to create a strong piece of yarn, it takes many like-hearted individuals to revolutionise the fashion industry. Through our 22x partnership programme we're joining forces with visionary brands, creatives and organisations from across the globe to champion sustainable fashion.

Initiatives include Redress Design Award Winner Kate Morris's upcycled Pop collection; our adorable, personalised Knit Notes made from 100% upcycled yarn; and our partnership with social enterprise 3H Handicraft, empowering immigrant mothers to make a creative living while raising their little ones.