Fashion Tech: A New Horizon for Sustainability

The Problem

It's no secret that the fashion industry is extremely polluting. Fast fashion follows a take-make-waste model; many products are designed to be thrown out. According to Business Insider, the production phase itself makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, and what's worse? 85% of textiles that are purchased end up in landfills yearly. The entire lifespan of a garment (from the raw material extraction process to the disposal) creates an extensive amount of pollutants.

Looking specifically at the "make" sector, within the traditional supply chain, before a product goes into full production, it goes through multiple rounds of physical sampling to ensure the garment is up to par with the standards; most of these samples tend to get discarded. This arduous process takes a lot of back and forth communication between the designer and the manufacturer, but more importantly, generates a lot of excess waste.

Merging Technology and Fashion 

The development of technology has proved to be transformative for the future of the fashion industry; the merging of the two has paved a way for sustainable clothing. Recent technological innovations have the capability to help revolutionize one of the most polluting sectors within the current economy; it is essential for the development of a circular business model. 

Virtual sampling is a digitized take on the traditional sampling development. With the upgraded software and programs that our industry has adapted, we are now able to complete most of the products’ sampling processes over the computer.

Problems with Physical Sampling
  • High cost and excess wastage associated with the traditional physical sampling process
  • Long pre and post-production phases
  • Stressful process of nonstop, back and forth communication between designer and factories 
  • Extra time and money put into photo shoots and editing process for post-production 
  • Dead stock and unused physical samples often sent to landfills
  • Wasted yarn
Solutions presented by Virtual Sampling
  • Faster lead time – able to deliver products quicker to the market
  • Can eliminate steps within the pre and post production phases
  • Eradicate costs from physical sampling and photo shoots as everything is done digitally
  • Virtual sample for made-to-order completely eliminates dead-stock
  • Allows larger variety in design and choices for customers
  • Lowers the amount of waste that is sent to landfills

Virtual sampling is an example of how technological innovations challenges the status quo; our venture into fashion-tech is only beginning and we plan on further exploring new opportunities within digital fashion. The future of fashion is one that will inevitably have to adopt the many technological advances and we cannot wait to bring all these new experience to you! 

Introducing Our Mood-Boosting Capsule 

Our Spring/Summer 2020 Mood-boosting capsule aims at celebrating individuality and the positivity that surrounds it. The steps are quite simple; just select the mantra you best identify with, choose an available colour and size, press order and we'll start working on it! We wanted this new collection to be about YOU and what you want; our end goal is to have a final product that is self-empowering. 

Instead of creating multiple physical samples of each product, we’ve digitally rendered all our new styles onto real-life models, saving us a lot of time and resources. As this collection did not require the entire process of a photoshoot, we were able to deliver the launch to all our lovely customers in a more efficient and effective manner! 

Our Role

22 Factor is very excited to be launching this new collection of Made to Order items for 2020. Our capsule allows us to create only what is needed, therefore eliminating the risk of carrying dead stock that is eventually sent to landfills. This year, we are saying no to mass production!! 

Without the technological innovations that are presently available, this collection would not be possible. We are extremely proud to be participants in this rising movement and cannot wait to see where fashion-tech takes us

With love, 

22 Factor