Positivity WFH Guide for our Eco-Warriors

With the current social situation, we know many of you have been holed up at home. That’s why 22 Factor has created a guide to help those of you who are working from home to get through these tough times

Primp up your Living Space

What better time is there to give your home that much needed makeover? The physical space around you can have a big impact on your mental space, so it may be time to spruce it up a little. Invest in some new art prints, rearrange your furniture or purchase some new throw pillows to add to that homey aesthetic. Check out our Grid Jacquard Cushions – they will definitely give your living space a new edge. Don’t forget to use our promo code COSYWFH for 20% off!

Journal Away! 

Jot down all your thoughts into a journal; the good, the bad, the silly ones, as well as the serious ones. We know being cooped up at home can take a serious toll on your mental health, so release them all through writing! It’s important to avoid getting too caught up in your mind; through journaling, you can organize your thoughts and relieve whatever stress you may feel. It’s a healthy coping mechanism that will also be super interesting to read back! 

Learn a New Skill

Maybe your New Year’s Resolution was to take up cooking, crocheting, or even just learning how use Photoshop. Now that you have all this time, rather than binging your favourite show for 6 hours straight, why not allocate some of that time into a new skill? Putting the effort into bettering yourself will ultimately help you excel in life; there's no better time than now! 

Let's get Physical!

 Did you know there are thousands of video tutorials online for home workouts (Thanks Chloe Ting!) Even though you may not be able to go for a run or to your regular gym, it’s important to stay active! When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which then leads to a boost in energy as well as your mood. Video call some of your closest friends and workout together, this way you can still stay connected while training that summer body😉. So, break out that yoga mat and start that ab workout; your body will be thanking you later!

Normalize your Routine 

We all know how easy it is to lounge around in bed and Netflix all day but try to avoid that. Come up with a regular routine you can follow! Wake up early, make your bed, cook breakfast, get dressed,and start your day. Now, you don’t need to get completely glammed up (unless you really want to), but try changing into some comfy clothes that aren’t your PJs; you can really increase your productivity by doing so! 22 Factor has the perfect loungewear that will help keep you cozy while still feeling stylish! Check out our “You Decide” made-to-order top (available in 2 colours) ;  it’ll also serve as a daily affirmation that you are in charge of your life.

Unleash your Inner Eco-Warrior 

Here at 22 Factor, one of our goals is to inspire those around us to be aware of their actions, and the consequences it may have on the environment. Take this time to make little changes in your life to Unleash your inner eco-warrior. That could mean trying out a plant-based recipe once a week, or even planting a mini herb garden in your home. Making these lifestyle changes during this pivotal time will help create a healthy habit that will contribute to a sustainable future! 

We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but it’s important to stay positive and keep looking after yourself. You may feel super restricted at home and miss your friends, but use this time to rebuild the best possible version of yourself by setting some healthy new habits. We hope these tips have helped inspire you in any small way. Remember to constantly wash your hands and check up on your loved ones! We will get through this together; stay safe everyone.