22 Factor & Sustainable Fashion

Dealing With Waste

Fast fashion, a common trend within the fashion industry, is known to produce copious amounts of waste. Enterprises that adopt the fast fashion business model continuously change their collections, producing clothes, shoes and bags that eventually become obsolete.

According to EcoFashionTalk, on average at least 15% of materials is discarded within each stage of the production cycle. ‘Sheep fleece burned due to poor market prices, mistakes and errors at the weaving and knitting stage, damaged dye lots…. all constitute pre-consumer waste.’ One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure


As a brand sponsored by a large knitwear manufacturer weve got notable amount of virgin leftovers from the luxury fashion world. (*virgin =never been used!) So we decided to use this to create luxury knitwear. Our mission is to make fashion sustainable and produce knitwear that not only feels good, but looks good too!

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of creating new materials from by-products or waste. The purpose is to increase quality and environmental value of these products. Most of our products are made from upcycled materials.

The sustainable method of upcycling can significantly help counteract waste that the fast fashion industry produces. The garments made from upcycled yarn are given a second chance and in this way, we are actively redefining luxury.

 Making Luxury Fashion Sustainable

The meaning of craftsmanship in manufacturing doesnt refer only to the added value of the product in terms of quality and uniqueness but also to the sustainability of the manufacturing approach. Sustainable manufacturing uses unique methods and production techniques that allow workers to express their skills and creativity, contributing to the improvement of the product and the competitiveness of the enterprise.

We partnered with 3H Handicraft, a social enterprise in Hong Kong that gives new immigrant women home job opportunities. New to Hong Kong, most of these women know no one and have to deal with insurmountable pressures raising their families. This project enables these women to come together as a community of love, and empowers them to make a living with their handcraft skills.



 Your 22 Factor

We are a brand that doesnt aspire to produce catwalk knock-offs or versions of best seller products. We fundamentally start from leftover yarn and upcycle it, applying stitches we love, with silhouettes reflecting a general sense of what is contemporary and modern but still feminine and wearable, each to reflect your own individuality.

We focus on both the stylish and practical - which each of our collections embody. In our featured collection this month; Inspire, we aim to make consumers feel good about themselves and also look good with our statement pieces. Choose fashion that is sustainable but also stylish. Choose 22 Factor.

Yours Truly,

22 Factor

"Our new pieces are a flirtation with Catalan culture with vibrant colours and vintage ’70s style. "

22 Factor