Sustainable Summer Fun

With the cold days finally behind us, the new season will hopefully bring new opportunities and beginnings for many of us! Here at 22 Factor, we want to provide you with a list of fun activities that can be completed at a low environmental impact while still maintaining social distance. 

1. Beach Clean Up 

 It wouldn't be a complete summer without a trip to the beach. According to the WWF, 80% of the plastic that ends up in the ocean is from land sources. When we litter or forget to recycle plastic properly, the waste can heavily disrupt our marine ecosystems. So why not grab 1-2 of your friends and organize your own beach clean up before you get your swim on. Gather your supplies, figure out where you can properly recycle the trash and get on going! By removing the trash, not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also be elevating your own beach experience! Remember to apply reef-friendly sunscreen before you hit the water to ensure minimal harm to marine organisms 

Our Etain Knitted Lace Kaftan will make the perfect swimsuit cover up. It's perfectly breezy for those hot days and also made of 100% upcycled yarn. 

2. Become the Next Herb Guru

Home gardening is not only extremely therapeutic, but let's get real, who wouldn't love a veggie garden in their own backyards. For our babes living in the city, not to fret, you can still D.I.Y your own herb garden; all you need is a space that allows for sufficient sunlight, and have the right tools (i.e. fertilizer, pots, seeds) .Check out this blog for more detailed tips and instructions on how to become the next plant guru. Owning greenery in your personal space is the new IG aesthetic, plus, you get to have huge bragging rights for growing your own mint leaves for your summer Mojitos (your friends will be seething in jealousy)!

3. Craft the Perfect Summer Snack 

Nothing hits the spot better than indulging in cool (yet still healthy) snacks on a hot summer day. Head on over to your local farmer's market to pick out your favorite fruits to craft your perfect açaí bowl. Not only are they arguably better than ice cream (sorry!!), but they're also packed with nutrients and will keep you sufficiently full. We've been obsessing over this Berry Smoothie Bowl recipe; we're definitely "yes please" to seconds (and probably thirds). The great thing about açaí bowls is that you can customize it to your own liking. Throw in some granola, chia seeds, or an assortment of your favorite fruits; get your phone ready cause your camera is definitely eating first! 

4. Zero- Waste Picnic 

2020 has not been easy; we've all been confronted with dark and unprecedented times. In order to heal, it's important that we take a breather, reconnect with our loved ones and remind ourselves of all the things we're thankful for. Grab your picnic blankets, pack some delicious food (+ wine - this is an imperative step), and hit up your local parks. Try out this easy vegan Pesto Pasta, you'll for sure be able to impress your friends. Bring some speakers, reusable containers, cutlery and napkins, and you've got yourself a zero-waste picnic! Remember to maintain distance from other groups of people during your day out. 

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5. Work those Endorphins 

If your local gym is still closed, why not go on a nature hike with a friend? Grab your masks, reusable water bottles and get your endorphins working, while soaking up those beautiful views. Remember to keep safe distances from large groups of people to ensure public safety. 

6. Netflix it Up 

No real summer would be complete without a full day of lounging and Netflixing. Invite your girlfriends over, cook yourselves a home-cooked meal (let’s avoid the take-out, your body can only handle so much laziness), grab that bottle of Chardonnay, and get ready to binge your favorite shows. Sometimes we all need to hit the reset button and if that means staying at home and doing absolutely nothing, that’s perfect okay. 

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Summer 2020 may look a little different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean it's completely ruined. Take the time to discover new activities that you can do with your loved ones while staying healthy and safe. Focus on the simple pleasures of the season and the rest will follow. We hope that this blog provided some inspiration and hope for all our babes out there! 

With love, 22 Factor