Summer In Barcelona: Our Catalan Inspired New Arrivals

A seductive blend of sun, sea, sangria and street food, Barcelona has a vibe like no other. This buzzing Catalonian capital is home to world-renowned artist, Joan Miro’s. Our latest arrivals are inspired by his abstract expressions as seen in our Spanish frill tanks and tassel belts.

Going to Barcelona this summer? Join us as we guide you through the city of Barcelona and give you an insight as to what it is like to be a proper local. Look out for our style guide at the end, where we give you the perfect wardrobe that will make you fit right in!

Eat Like A Catalan

Majority of restaurants are closed midday so it can be difficult to find food between these hours. Because of the Spanish tradition La Siesta, locals eat dinner late (usually after 9 pm). 

However, Barcelona is known for its flavoursome and colourful food, the city is packed with restaurants, cafes and street markets. If you really want to eat like a Catalan a must-try dish is Calçot’s. Served either grilled or deep fried with a romesco mayonnaise sauce, the traditional Spanish scallion is seasonal available only November through April.

Wine Down with the Locals

Absorb the local life at Garcia Neighbourhood. This hip local part of town is filled with narrow alleyways with cobblestones, outdoor coffee houses and of course, hip bohemian stores. In fact, the neighbourhood was a separate town until the city took over in 1800. Travel back in time with the neighbourhood's vintage feel with a mix of the elderly, young families and hipsters.

When it gets too hot, locals gather in one of Barcelona's many parks. Favourited by locals, Ciutadella Park is Barcelona's biggest park. It’s a mass green land where you can relax and enjoy a picnic with some friends. If you get lucky, you may even catch some live performances at the park where drummers gather to play some upbeat tunes.

Wander in Vibrant Rambla Del Poblenou

Rambla del Poblenou is crowded less with tourists and is the more relaxed alternative to the main Rambla; La Rambla. This Rambla gives you the opportunity to experience authentic Barcelona and wander around like a true local. Here you will come across organic stores, family-run tapas places, children and pets.


A Spanish restaurant worth exploring here is El 58. The tapas bar offers traditional and contemporary tapas with changes in the menu depending on the season. Enjoy their famous Andalusian fried eggplant with honey and rosemary while sipping on sangria. ¡Salud!

Dress Like a True Barcelona Woman

A city like Barcelona is said to be a mecca for fashion. From high street fashion to street style, it is eclectic. A fitting description for the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Styles can vary depending on the weather. However, summer classics are always a good shout. From strappy dresses, tank tops, to medium-length shorts/skirts. There is still a strong city vibe so women here usually pair them with leather sandals instead of flip flops. 

In general, women in Barcelona opt for light and airy fabrics that are colourful or nude.

Street style fashion here is all about the hipster look. Flowy dresses are definitely a popular choice. You will come across a lot of vibrant maxi dresses or high waist pants coupled with chunky earrings, mirrored glasses and even thin scarfs.

Our New Arrivals

Barcelona - a city filled with colours, abstract art and inspiring architecture was the spark for our new designs. Our new arrivals are all about the Catalunya seaside, food and music (take me to the airport please!)

Bright tones and ruffles, fluttery and ethereal. This collection is for the travelling woman (or Señorita).

Stand out pieces that can be worn from day to night.

O U R   S T Y L E   E D I T

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"Bright tones and ruffles, fluttery and ethereal. This collection is designed for the travelling woman. "

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