Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!!

As we begin the new year, for many, it's a time of introspection and reflection. A new year usually means a new beginning; here at 22 Factor, we believe in the importance of creating new habits. For 2020, we hope to continue our journey in being eco-conscious members of society while inspiring those around us to follow on; that's why we've created a list of New Years Resolutions for the conscious shopper!ūüĆŅ

 #1: Reduce the personal use of disposable packaging and plastic 

Instead of asking for plastic bags at the grocery store, start bringing your own reusable shopping bags. We highly recommend picking up a compact foldable shopping bag that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Not only can they fit more items than a regular plastic bag, they are also extremely convenient and durable! 

Are you a Starbucks lover? Start bringing your own tumbler mugs rather than relying on their plastic/Styrofoam cups. I'm sure the employees will be more than happy to help out, if you just ask nicely! 

Another easy way that will help you reduce your plastic usage is by swapping out your zip lock bags for reusable silicone food bags. These bags also come in different colors and sizes but above all, they're also dishwasher safe and freezer-safe! Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and hello to your new best friend (we're certain your wallet will also thank you) 

#2 Invest in QUALITY pieces that will last

Rather than indulging in fast fashion pieces, try and look for pieces that are not only timeless but also high in quality. Choosing clothing that will last you for years while still looking good is KEY. Do your research; support brands that are fair-trade certified (meaning the companies provide fair wages and safe working conditions for all their employees)! By altering your mindset, this will offset the amount of clothes you may have to get rid of. Remember, trends come and go, but style is forever. 

#3 Go MEAT-FREE for at least one day of the week 

According to Greenpeace USA, "The livestock sector¬†‚ÄĒ raising cows, pigs and chickens ‚ÄĒ generates as much¬†greenhouse gas emissions as¬†all cars, trucks and automobiles combined". We're not saying everyone should completely eradicate meat out of their diets, but it is important to be meat-conscious.¬†

Try and incorporate more veggies and fruits into your diet; not only is it good for the planet, but will also be beneficial for your health! Plus it's always fun to learn some new meat-free recipes that just may end up being your favorites! 

Some of our go-to vegetarian recipes include this delicious Mushroom Stroganoff which substitutes mushroom for beef (the heartiness of the mushroom really makes up for the meat, plus there's less calories). Another favorite of ours is this Soba with Miso-Glazed Eggplant, which uses eggplants over any meat! These recipes are not only extremely easy but also very delicious, we encourage all our readers to test them out; let your inner masterchef out! 

 #4 Turn your thermostat down

By turning your thermostat down by 1-2 degrees, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save on your monthly energy bills! Plus, this gives an excuse to cuddle up to your loved ones (or your brand new throw blanket) as the temperatures drop. 

#5 Assist your local community through eco-volunteering 

Do your research! Look for local organizations that host various eco-friendly volunteering events. Activities can range from your participation in a beach cleanup, planting a community garden or simply providing research; a quick Google search can help you locate all the different opportunities that are available in your area. Not only are you able to educate yourself, you are also supporting and raising awareness within your local community! 

And there you have it folks! We hope that this short list will help inspire some of you in being eco-conscious members of society.¬†Growth begins with yourself;¬†even if you're just making small habit¬†changes¬†in your daily lives, always remember that it's still a step towards the¬†right direction. 22 Factor would like to send our warmest wishes for 2020, may it be filled with joy, love and happiness; give yourselves a pat on the back cause you've made it through another year! xxxūüćĺ