Give The Perfect Green Gift

We’ve all been there - the only one at the dinner table talking about climate change, preaching about how we should be more eco-conscious with our products. By simply giving a speech to your friends and family about the environment is not going to create room for change. There is another way though.

Why not gift your loved ones with eco-friendly products? Natural, organic and sustainable, here are some of our favourite green gift ideas suited for those with a taste.

#1 For The Skincare Passionates

skinscare bottles filled with organic and sustainable liquid

There is no greater feeling than knowing your skincare collection is comprised of all-natural ingredients. Add a zing to your morning skin routine with a refreshing lemongrass and ginger face wash. Conclude your day with a soothing camomile night cream. Either way, using natural and organic skin products is bound to leave your skin refreshed, clearer, and glowing!

Not all natural ingredients are 100% natural nor organic. While using natural ingredients on your skin is good for your overall health, using organic plus natural ingredients will be better as you will be getting them in their purest form.

#2 Thoughtful & Personalised Gifts  

22 Factor’s personalised yarn statements - Knit Note. In collaboration with social enterprises, these yarn statements are handmade and made with 100% upcycled yarn. Add a whimsical element to a space weather it’s an office space or front lawn. Easily customisable up to 12 characters, it can be an inspiring mantra, a memento of a cherished memory or even a decorative wall installation for a new mommy friend. With these one-of- a kind pieces, make any space a place of comfort. This Knit Note is a personalised gift to your loved ones.  Made with love, gifted with love.


knit note with the word thankful and welcome

knit note with the customised word breathe and isla

Personalise your Knit Note

#3 Eco-Active Accessories For The Workaholic

Ethical and sustainable products are taking over the fitness industry by a storm. We all have that one friend who cannot take a break from work and desperately needs to relax.

What better than to gift an environmentally friendly Yoga mat. Encourage your friend to keep her and the Earth, as healthy as possible with a natural rubber Yoga mat. Made out of the ‘rubber tree’, also known as Hevea brasiliensis, this kind of mat will be a game changer. Prepare for the ultimate state of Zen.

bamboo mat in forest

From Yoga to HIIT, it’s always important to keep hydrated. Reusable water bottles are always a good idea! Did you know that 1 million plastic water bottles are purchased every minute? Spread the word and sign up for Earth Day Network’s petition to ban single-use plastics around the world.

Accessorise your reusable water bottle when you go to the gym with 22 Factor’s Zita’s Handmade Water Bottle Case. In collaboration with social enterprise, these pieces are crocheted with love by immigrant women who support their families through the income they make with this project.

crochet waterbottle with hand

#4 Travel Essentials For The Thoughtful Traveller

If you have a friend that spends 12 hours in London and the next 12 hours in Tokyo, a travel gift is not only ideal, but also essential! The aviation industry is known to create heaps of passenger waste. On average, one passenger creates 1.4kg of waste per flight. Now multiply that by the number of flights you’ve taken during your lifetime. Yikes!

Ever had to borrow a blanket from the airline when you were feeling cold? Notice how it was always covered in plastic? To avoid this unnecessary waste, 22 Factor's Bon Voyage Shawl is made out of upcycled yarn, designed to keep you warm and cozy during your flight. You can also mix and match with the soft eye-masks and cozy neck pillows.

woman wearing scarf and neck pillow

Another great pick-me-up after a long-haul flight is a bamboo toothbrush. There are 7 billion people in the world, most of whom use a plastic toothbrush. People normally go through 2-3 brushes within one year, creating heaps of waste.

Not only is it eco-friendly but also healthy for your gums! Bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antimicrobial - limiting bacterial growth by a significant amount. By gifting a bamboo toothbrush, you are creating demand for 100% biodegradable products and encouraging the sustainable harvest of bamboo. Opt for companies that are transparent in their supply chain production. You may come across companies that offer customisable toothbrushes too!

bamboo toothbrush

There you have it! Your next green gift. Give your partner something they will love, whilst supporting businesses with a sustainable mission.

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