Doing Good With Our Social Enterprise Partner

Our mission is to create luxury knitwear that is soft and cozy to the skin but kind and ethical to the planet. From the moment we receive our virgin yarn to the moment it is up-cycled, we are always thinking of ways to make a bigger impact on our surrounding communities. Our Unity collection is the perfect example of this. Pieces from our Unity Collection come from our partnership with social enterprise 3H Handicraft. By joining forces with them, we are able to empower our community by providing job opportunities-  hand making crochet accessories.

The Collaboration

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There is a population of mothers in Hong Kong that come from underprivileged backgrounds. They are either daughters of low-income families,  single parents, or even patients recovering from long-term illnesses. Given such circumstances, they have limited access to education and job opportunities. Most of them have young children, making job scopes even more limited. They need jobs that allow them to work from home whilst taking care of their young. That’s where 3H Handicraft comes in - a social enterprise that is membership based, offering freelance crocheting to approximately 230 of these women. By working with Hong Kong immigration, Single Parent Association, NGO’s and various social welfare organisations, they are able to offer even more opportunities. What makes 3H unique is the flexible working hours and product based compensation they offer their members. They even train and educate women in the art of  knitted handicraft and industry trends. 3H Handicraft is an opportunity to these women.  Joining forces with social enterprises such as 3H will enable our overall community growth and upgrade our skills. According to Wendy Li (3H project manager), women working on our Unity Collection have gained confidence about their work and feel proud to be working with 22 Factor on an important purpose.

She says “We are looking for corporations with purpose in order to get more orders, so we can provide more training and jobs for them to work at home. Working with 22 factor projects has been great, we have gained more of an insight into the design world.”

22 Factor’s Yarn

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Our Unity collection gives a new meaning to luxury. Each piece is carefully knitted with our delicate colorful yarn from Italy, making our collection ever so unique. We are able to give you crocheted pieces that are a celebration between contemporary and traditional craftsmanship. The best part is -  when the knitted products are finished, children from 3H mothers write a heartfelt note especially addressed to you to make your accessory even more special. We want to create a transparent environment where we can connect you with our makers, making you feel more connected with our work.  In this way, each piece becomes a gift - a loyal favourite for life. This collection pushes the boundaries and gives luxury a new meaning. We want to bring an element of social wellness to you, them and our collections.

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“It is all about making a difference, one stitch at a time.”